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God Is In Charge

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God IS In Charge

This is a statement that all Christians would agree with.  However, living with this reality is hard.  We like control  We work hard and things “usually” work ut.  But there are times it does not work as we would like it to.  Do we acknowledge that we are not in ultimate control or do we just get frustrated and mad.  God is in charge is a reality that we all face.  How can we deal with the tension between our hard work and  the limits of our control?

He Was Never “Just” A Baby

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He Was Never “Just” A Baby

Luke 2:11-14

On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ.  The Baby born in a manager.  So true, but we must understand that this is not the whole story.  He was never just a baby; He was and is the Christ Child.  He was and is Savior and Lord.  This has implications beyond celebrating the birth of a baby.  As Christians we celebrate the birth of our Lord.  He is worthy of worship and worthy of obedience.

Being Thankful In A COVID World

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COVID has changed the world.  It affects travel, Church, Family and every aspect of our society.  However, we are also in a season that is often associated with much joy.  For the Christian the celebration of the Christ child, the savior of the world. For everyone celebrations of a season of fun and great joy.  How do we reconcile the two things?  In the reality of a world where so much thought is given to COVID how do we remain thankful? 

Election Reflections

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The election is over, and I am relieved.  How can we maintain the proper perspective on such a contentious election?  As Christians we need to remember that the temporal (what happens while we are alive) is important but never the most important thing.  Listen and think.


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Change is inevitable, Growth is a Choice.  We change, life Changes.  How are we to handle change?

The Prayer of a Doubting Heart

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Mark 9:24 is set in the context of a father’s love for his sick child, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”  The father’s child has been troubled by an evil spirit since he was young.  The father has tried many things.  He even brought his child to the disciples, but they were unable to help.

He believes but he is struggling.  Christians experience these moments.  I believe, you are God, you are able, but – I am struggling.  My issue, my struggles are still there.  I need help. 

The prayer of a doubting heart is honest, it is simple, it is sometimes uttered in pain.  However, it also recognizes that God is my everything, I have nowhere else to turn.  “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

A Tribute to Mothers Isiah 49:15

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Godly Mothers are always there.  They won’t give up on us no matter what.  Through the baby years, through the teen years and even as adults they continue to believe in us and to be there for us.  Give them the Tribute they deserve.

You Have More Influence Than You Think

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In this great big world of ours it is easy to feel insignificant.  It is easy to think that what we do doesn’t matter.  The truth is we all have influence on someone.  This is true no matter what our status in life.  We have families, we have friends, we have people who look at us that we don’t even know.  That chance encounter with the store clerk or fast food (drive through) worker.  Maybe we even have enemies who are looking.  We don’t know who’s looking but we all have influence and we have more influence than we think.

Sustained Unease

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Roller coasters can be scary maybe even terrifying.  But in a few minutes the ride is over, and you can relax.  Sustained Unease is that emotional discomfort that just hangs on.  It’s not terrifying but it is uncomfortable and leaves us uneasy.  And it lingers.  Can God help us in these times.  Yes, in any time He is there, and He is our comfort.

Is Your God Big Enough for Trouble

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When our lives are shaken and fear wants to overtake us, Is God big enough to help.  He is not a god we can force to do what we want but He is big enough to help.

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